In Memory of SHILOH…

My K9 SEARCH & RESCUE Trained And Socialized German Shepherd Dog, “SHILOH,” Has Given Me Multitudes Of Great Memories!

In Memory Of “SHILOH – Dee’s Peacemaker! Born on The 4th. Of July, 2009 – Died on April 5, 2017. After a 4 month long battle that Shiloh had fought against “Pancreatitis,” I made the hard but loving decision to help Shiloh enter into his final rest!

David & Shiloh doing K9 SEARCH & RESCUE work as “TEAM SHILOH!”

“SHILOH” is the name behind our business…

“SHILOH K9 OBEDIENCE Training & Boarding Center, LLC”

In the following random pictures you can see SHILOH at his K9 SEARCH & RESCUE work, his helping me train and socialize other puppies and adult dogs, his interactions with some of his many other K9 friends and SHILOH’S development from an 8 week old puppy until his short life ended at 7 1/2 years of age…

Shiloh was a hard working German Shepherd Dog with a hard temperament, high prey drive and a breeding background from the line of a Czech and DDR origin.

SHILOH was trained in K9 Search & Rescue work, and HE LOVED IT! Shiloh was about ALL WORK and very little play. “GIVE ME A JOB AND I WILL PROBLEM SOLVE MY WAY TO GETTING IT DONE,” was what most characterized Shiloh’s whole life, from start to finish. The very kind and helpful Veterinary who assisted me in putting Shiloh to sleep, said of him after meeting him and hearing about his life story, that he, to quote her, “HE IS TOO NOBLE A DOG TO DIE A HARD AND WASTING DEATH!” That he was!!!

 The first day I brought Shiloh home as a 7 week old puppy, I clipped his front nails and he quickly ran to the other side of the room, flopped on the floor, and tucked his front paws underneath his body – as if to say: “There, PROBLEM SOLVED, you will never get at my nails to clip them again!”

 The very first time I tested Shiloh to see if he had the “right stuff” to be a Search & Rescue K9 when he was only a year old I had my wife, Karen, hide out in our woods up in a deer stand. She had to climb a narrow ladder to get inside the structure. I told Shiloh, “GO FIND MOM,” (he was distanced about 3 football fields away from Karen), and in no time at all he had not only located her, but in his frustration to connect with Karen, he solved the problem by climbing up the ladder to get to her! “GOOD WORK, SHILOH!”

 Shiloh was not the most affectionate dog; he would tolerate me petting him for 3 to 5 minutes a day, then he wanted to go to work! In Shiloh’s 7 years of helping me in my dog training business, he would calm fearful dogs, correct aggressive dogs and playfully engage and socialize all dogs. Shiloh lives on in the lives of almost 750 other K9s that he directly influenced and mentored into being “GOOD DOGS” for their respective owners who brought their dogs to “SHILOH K9 OBEDIENCE Training & Boarding Center, LLC” over the 7 years of Shiloh’s time with us. Shiloh had finished his career by mentoring his last puppy, another GSD, called; “Süss,” a German name for “sweet!” This was so fitting for a summary of the kind of dog SHILOH has been his whole lifetime!


Shiloh was always on the run!


For the last 20 minutes of my best K9 buddy’s life, Shiloh loved having me pet him “NON-STOP,” which was a record amount of time for him! For the almost 8 years of his life, Shiloh never licked me before, but 3 different times as I laid by his side he gave my face 3 kisses!

Shiloh, THANK YOU for making me a part of “TEAM SHILOH” for ALMOST 8 GREAT YEARS!

What a precious gift from GOD! A dog named, “SHILOH!”

SHILOH,” is a Hebrew name meaning, “A Place of Peace!

In every place, CHRIST THE LORD gives His people


He is THE PRINCE OF PEACE! That is why I named my German Shepherd Dog, “SHILOH,” to remind me that I have the peace that passes all understanding, because I belong to THE PRINCE OF PEACE! My dog Shiloh was never meant to be mine forever… just a wonderful temporary gift from my ETERNAL GOD!

“The LORD Giveth,

and The LORD Taketh Away,

Blessed be The Name of THE LORD!”

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