SHILOH K9 OBEDIENCE Training & Boarding Program

When you want to have your dog or puppy to come and stay with us to be trained and socialized, we will work with your canine companion daily, from 7am until 8pm, for as many weeks as you schedule your furry friend to benefit from our TRAIN & BOARD PROGRAM.

We have adult dogs, and puppies as young as 14 weeks, come to TRAIN & BOARD with us from all around Michigan, and many times from out of state.

The average TRAINING & BOARDING time that our clients have their canine companion stay with us is from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

For every week your dog or puppy spends TRAINING & BOARDING with us at SHILOH K9 OBEDIENCE TRAINING & BOARDING CENTER, LLC – we have you come each following week for a scheduled ONE HOUR training session to help your learn what we have taught your dog or puppy the previous week!

Each week your canine companion is TRAINING & BOARDING with us it is always learning and experiencing new and challenging experiences. Your furry friend will also be receiving a whole lot of love and playtime engagement with us and with other suitable dogs or puppies, that will mutually benefit from the proper social interactions supervised by our workers at SHILOH K9 OBEDIENCE…LLC.

We work to keep everything in order, to keep everything clean, to keep people and their canine companions safe, to keep our former clients coming back to us for future dog training and fun times between all of us as canine lovers and human friends!

Please VIEW & PRINT our TRAINING & BOARDING Contract which tells you the cost for the different options of having your furry friend TRAIN & BOARD with us from 1 to 4 weeks… Click on the DOWNLOAD tab!