1 On 1 One Hour PERSONALIZED Obedience Training & Socialization

We schedule appointments Monday through Friday, from 11am. until 5pm.

We work just with you and your dog or puppy for an hour long session.

We tailor the training to meet your personal needs and desires for you and your canine companion to make the most of our time together.

We charge $65. for each hour appointment and you are the decision maker as to how many training sessions you want to schedule and attend along with your dog or puppy.

We will give you enough new things, once a week, to learn and to work on with your canine companion for as many weeks as you desire to schedule an appointment with us.




1 on 1 One Hour Time

Together is the right thing to do!

It is so much better than trying to work with your canine companion in a group setting of 6 0r more dogs running all around and barking at each other and jumping all over a bunch of human handlers in the room!

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