Your Canine Companion Must Be At Least 5 Months Old And Be Able To Pass The Following List Of 9 Interactions With You As Your Dog’s Human Handler!

  1. My dog is “stranger friendly” and will allow a person who asks permission to pet my dog to do so in a controlled and calm manner, without jumping on or mouthing a person.
  2. My dog will both heel at my side, taking left & right turns, will stop and sit slightly behind me whenever I stop, and will walk properly on a loose leash in a controlled manner.
  3. My dog will both sit and/or lay down and stay in place until I give it a release command.
  4. My dog comes to me when called, sits in front of me and looks at me.
  5. My dog will walk around a group of people without engaging with them while they walk around for 4 seconds of silence, 4 seconds of casual conversation and for 4 seconds of excited noisemaking.
  6. My dog is willing to allow itself to be groomed and softly handled by a stranger without any unacceptable behaviors of jumping, mouthing and/or displays of aggression.
  7. My dog is controllable around a strange dog and is not overly excited and/or aggressive toward other dogs it meets.
  8. My dog is not overreactive to heightened encounters with sights, sounds or smells and does not trigger with any forms of fear or aggression when experiencing such things.
  9. My dog does not display “separation anxiety” when I leave its presence and go out of its sight for up to 5 minutes!

These Pictures Show Some Of The Interactions The Dog Owner Works Through While Testing Their Canine Companion…


Our Client, Jennifer, And Her Canine Companion, “Jacqui,” Receive Our Certificate, Declaring That “TEAM JACQUI” Earned Our SHILOH K9 OBEDIENCE & SOCIALIZATION AWARD!

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